UK PORN CHOICE: Prime Minister Declares War on Adult Content – God Bless PM Cameron and the UK

EDITORIAL: It’s all in the terminology which is continually used to stir up controversy. Media wants to protect pornographers because so many in media are porn and sex addicts. It’s media propaganda to use the term BAN or CENSORSHIP. Those commenting on social media stating this is censorship are mostly porn industry trolls using fake profiles so it looks like a massive response against this decision when in reality, it’s organized crime protecting their ability to continue their crimes against humanity. It is NOT a ban and it is NOT censorship. It’s giving UK citizens a CHOICE. Where is America’s CHOICE??

This is wonderful news and a HUGE answer to our prayers. We need this type of pressure from other countries to force the Obama administration to take our obscenity laws seriously so EVERYONE can get this protection online. Giving a choice increases citizen rights. Forcing porn on all our families takes away our sexual freedom and rights. This is not censorship at all but FINALLY recognizing ALL citizens rights, not just the rights of perverts and predators.

I removed the tweets that were posted in this article because they were obscene and not based on reality. The claim of censorship is simply not true because porn is still accessible to anyone who wants it. They’ve been pimping our 1st Amendment for the past 30 years to get where we are now with extremely violent porn attached to every aspect of online content, raping and torturing the performers in porn while calling it entertainment and turning the legal adult industry into a cesspool of sex trafficking and illegal prostitution. There was even a comment saying that they were going to become violent against women because of this decision. Yeah, like THAT’S the kind of people we want to placate and protect. Unfortunately, our governments have been bowing to those EXACT types of people for 30 years now and it is all of our societies that have paid the price.

PM Cameron, you’re ending an era that has done massive irreparable harm to all our societies. God Bless YOU for saving your children. God Bless YOU for saving the UK!!

PS. It was real refreshing to read the below opinion on a techie site. It’s time for the online world to care about social responsibility instead of always screaming no regulation for real crimes. Thank you!

UK Porn Ban: Prime Minister Declares War on Adult Content

WebProNews – By · 15 hours ago

David Cameron, the Prime Minister of the UK, has announced today that he plans to crack down on internet pornography and focus on making the internet a safer place for children and families. In his speech delivered today, Cameron made it very clear that he is passionate about his crusade against sexually illicit material, particularly pornography that involves children or rape.

Cameron’s plans for a more child-friendly internet experience include deals with four of the largest internet providers in England; regulations include “family-friendly filters” that would automatically block pornography and other adult material in millions of people’s homes, filtering material from all land lines, WiFi connected devices, and even in public areas where children are likely to be present. Families and individuals would have the ability to opt out of the filters; they would simply need to check a box on a form or inform their internet provider that they wish to have pornography unfiltered and available.

Other measures include stricter video restrictions and laws, pressure for search engines to offer more tools for barring content, and an increase in the legal action and monitoring abilities available to the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre and police when searching for sources of illegal material and in tracking down pedophiles. Cameron also called for the immediate blacklisting of certain “horrific” terms, meaning that they would not show any results when searched on Google or Bing.

The crack down against pornography is not purely Puritanical, however; much of the action aims to reduce violence against women and children (an unfortunate theme mixed in with much adult content), as well as children’s access to legal, but none the less graphic images meant for adult eyes. Cameron wants to make pornography depicting rape illegal, as is the case in Scotland. He also claims that his crusade for “family-friendly WiFi” and increased filtration is to stop the “corroding of childhood” that free access to pornography has allowed for.

Concerns have been raised by many people from all walks of life, ranging from politicians to internet commentators to your everyday Jane and John Doe. Some have fallen victim to the slippery slope that comes with fear of loosing access to supple, naked bodies on the internet, going on to tweet out their dissatisfaction.

There is much discussion that contributes to the debate in a civil and informative manner, such as the former Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre boss, Jim Gamble, who was quoted as saying, “You need a real deterrent, not a pop-up that pedophiles will laugh at.” However, tweets and reactions such as those seen above are, unfortunately, what many see and hear, especially on internet forums and social media.

It is important to look at this issue in an informed and appropriate manner, since the subject is incredibly sensitive. After all, whether people want to admit to it or not, pornography is most certainly wound up in misogyny, sexism, and the male gaze, all of which correlate with abuse, rape, and assault. Perhaps attempting to monitor access to graphic material and banning truly harmful material, such as that which depicts rape or children, is not such a terrible thing as the slippery slope might imply.

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