Why does Obama follow Spencer Pratt, a Pornstar, a Sex Toy Vendor and Wolverine on Twitter?? Because This is Who Democrats are Working For!!

October 13, 2012 – By: Victor Medina

President Barack Obama
President Barack Obama
Credits:  AP

As of October 12, President Barack Obama follows over 670,000 people on Twitter, an astounding number to say the least. Many of these are the people you expect: his wife, Joe Biden, and the official accounts of the various Obama for America state groups.

However, a number of the individuals the President follows on the social media site are dubious, to say the least. They include a self-described porn star, a sex toy vendor, and reality star Spencer Pratt.

While the President has no control over what some of these individuals may say on the social media site, it is important to note that, at some point, either he or someone on his campaign staff added some questionable people to the list.

Among the Twitter users he follows are:

It is unclear if the President himself added these individuals, or a member of the campaign staff. In either case, having the President following individuals of ill repute (excluding Hugh Jackman, of course) on his official Twitter account should raise a red flag somewhere.

For the record, Obama does not follow Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan on Twitter.

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