From Morality in Media’s Dawn Hawkins: NY Times Covers My Plane Incident AND Mitt Romney Takes a Stand Against Obscenity and Pornographers – Where Does Obama Stand??


We are in the NY Times today!

Should pornography be allowed to be viewed in public? A NY Times article today discusses just this. It also mentions my experience on a Delta flight earlier this year. This is great coverage of our efforts! I hope you’ll share it and use it as a conversation starter about this topic:>

Many of our supporters remember what happened earlier this year. I was on my way to present at a conference when I confronted the man sitting in front of me on my flight for watching violent, psuedo-child pornography right there on his iPad. The flight attendant did nothing and a middle-age woman told me to be quiet because nobody cared. I made a YouTube video to share the incident with our supporters, but it got a lot more attention than I ever thought it would. We received thousands of hate emails, hate letters, calls. My parents were harrased. There was a nasty backlash. But, we also got a lot of support!

Now, six months later, it is still getting attention. I never thought it would become such a big deal. One night, my husband and I went to the grocery store for a midnight ice cream run. A lady in the aisle recognized me from the video and asked me for a hug. What a good feeling that was! We also received lots of encouragement and support. Now the hate mail has mostly stopped, but I still get a few emails a day in support from that video. After the incident, we started contacting all of the U.S. airlines about their policies – most of them are working with us about it! Even with all of the harassment and hate, lots of good came from that incident. Now, the NY Times is covering it!

I hope this helps you find the courage to stand up for what’s right when you can. You never know what will happen…

Thank you for your support and for joining with us. Your encouragement is such a blessing for us in this fight.


Enjoy your weekend,
Dawn Hawkins
Executive Director



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Article about Romney and Obscenity Prosecutions:

Governor Mitt Romney’s campaign told our President, Patrick Trueman, that if elected, Mr. Romney will vigorously enforce federal laws prohibiting distribution of hardcore adult pornography.  The full article about this is reprinted below.  We’re encouraged!

Through MIM’s War on Illegal Pornography project, all major presidential candidates, including President Obama, were contacted earlier this year and asked if they would “vigorously enforce federal obscenity (hardcore pornography) laws.”  The War on Illegal Pornography is a coalition effort of 126 national, state, and local organizations working to get those laws enforced.  We are pleased with its success and thank Governor Romney for agreeing with our goal.
Dawn Hawkins
Executive Director
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