PITV EPILOGUE: Porn in the Valley Goes Mainstream as Possible US Federal Gov’t Coverup Exposed in Court! Follow Us @PimpingPolitics!!

The Foxxs – After the programming was complete!!

Porn in the Valley IS the story of EXACTLY what happened to my daughter and I while stuck inside the dark and evil world of Sex Trafficking in Porn Valley. Our story is very personal. We are both rape victims. My daughter was tortured. We were all sold a ton of propaganda from the biggest perpetrators of these crimes against Humanity: America’s porn industry, our Democratic government currently in office, Hollywood who’ve always been whores and of course, our American Media and Internet, who have promoted and pushed it all to our Children under the guise of the Holy Land and Freedom of Speech. Our lives have been threatened and our family and friends are regularly stalked, harassed and defamed. All of our personal information has been scrubbed for use against us. These are the responsible parties for the sex trafficking, not only of the two of us, but for many of the girls you see there today.

What we have proven here by showing what they do to them, they also did to us. They’ve done the same crimes against hundreds of teen girls and young women I spoke to while there. As ALL these victims have watched me battle for JUSTICE for them all, not just for my family but for all their families as well, they have seen, firsthand, that no matter what we do, these perpetrators of crimes against humanity have the power and influence to suppress our rights to justice. By speaking out, we regularly put many at risk. We are all victims who should be healing and restoring while others fight this battle for us but NO ONE knows what it’s like to work in Porn Valley unless you’ve been there so we’ve all accepted that risk. It is time for those who can to step in and help us. It’s time for us to be acknowledged for what we have suffered!

The #1 question I get is why do they stay then? Why do they say they love it there? When THE WORLD has shown them THERE’S NO WHERE TO GO AND NO ONE TO TURN TO, do they REALLY have any other choice??

If you want to read our story, go back to the beginning and read “Porn in the Valley” in it’s entirety. The people you see being promoted in MAINSTREAM MEDIA are sex trafficking girls into the porn industry to pimp out to the World and we proved it. They use debt bondage to hold them there. They trauma bond them to the male performers and producers who make them feel like stars. Once they’re on top of the World, they take it all away in the form of trauma bonding They say no one’s calling anymore to build the debt and then make you sign on to do the type of scenes you said you wouldn’t. The grooming escalates through KINK and other BDSM companies who finish breaking the girls down. We proved that too. Once broken, they are built back up as prostitutes and their ONLY hope for survival is to play along with the game or get what you’ve all watched us get. ALL PROVEN!!

What they did to us is nothing new. It’s a tried and true Porn Valley recipe for building a contract girl, the term used for “Porn Valley’s Lifelong Sex Slaves“.

They have been filming the entire process and calling it porn, from beginning to end, of how they lure the girls in, trauma bond them with fake love and attention from producers and performers, removing that attention and beating them into submission. All the while, they are telling them they have to “Take it to Make it“. They then post these videos online so the World can watch it and they call it adult entertainment and porn. The sex trafficking victims watch as the World glorifies their dehumanization and they wonder, “Is this the way life is supposed to be? I was only with like 2 or 3 guys before going into porn. I just got out of high school and they said I could be a star. Is this what sex is supposed to be like?”!

You have to ask where are the other parents whose daughters were also lured from their homes by way of online exploitation and predatorial shopping? America works hard to keep the parents of victims quiet while THEY work increasingly harder everyday to lead the virgins of the world straight into the arms of Satan. They call them all runaways and don’t mention the PIMPS who are telling these girls they love them and are offering them Hollywood dreams. They are the criminals who lured our daughters from our homes and from the schools!!

There’s no more to say or prove that we haven’t already said and proven. Now it’s up to the World to decide if they will give their children to SATAN to have their minds and bodies raped and tortured or will the parents of the World stand up and do whatever is necessary to take back and PROTECT THEIR CHILDREN’??

For if they don’t, all this work will be for naught because we will indeed then be living in Hell on Earth and God forsaken us all for what has been done to our innocence!!

It’s Twitter. Gotta read from the bottom up!! @DesiFoxx

This was before we knew what we know now. These were soon after we’d gotten to Los Angeles and they were still building us into stars. I was just starting to question things that were happening to us. It’s easy to be fooled by Satan’s glamour but they cannot hold it indefinitely. We had 5 minutes to tell our story but it’s all there. The research that my daughter showed me was American media and Porn Valley’s lies. When I couldn’t talk her out of it, I went in too. I had to support my daughter and the system or I would’ve never been allowed in to stay close and witness what they did. We were always honest about our story. It’s all in the way the story is spun so there was only one way to answer questions in front of a camera. My hesitation is all I could show and it barely made it to film!

At PITV, I controlled the spin so the truth would finally be heard. And we backed it all with evidence which is more than any of them have done. They have stalked and tried to destroy us for the past 4 years because THEY couldn’t own and control us. They couldn’t take my daughter away from me so they could pimp her out to the World!!

My testimony is as a witness for my daughter. It is her case I bring before the World for Justice. This is my closing argument!!

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