WEBCAST #1 – “Porn in the Valley” – “An Introduction to Illegal Prostitution Inside the Los Angeles Porn Industry”

While we had ongoing technical difficulties with our audio through Skype throughout our recording, we managed to get a great 1st Episode of “Porn in the Valley” webcast series. We look forward to improving as we continue to bring you the latest developments inside the Los Angeles Porn Industry!

Porn in the Valley


My daughter and I when we first moved to Miami. She was 21, I was 47. We were just a normal mom and daughter who had moved back in with each other, moving to a new town to start over after both ending a couple of long term relationships.

She was looking for a new relationship. I was newly single after being married for the past 24 years of my life!

I’m 52 years old as I look back at this time in our lives. Our short careers in Porn Valley lasted a year and a half. It was one of the most eye opening experiences I’ve had in all those years and unfortunately, was also so for my youngest daughter way to early in her lifetime. I could’ve lived several lifetimes and not known what I know today and I would’ve paid any price for my daughter not to know. Sometimes hindsight isn’t the greatest gift to have in life. Blissfully blind would be a saving grace after learning what has been going on all around us for all these years.

I grew up in a small town in the Midwest in the 60s and 70s and became your typical stay at home housewife and mother of 3 kids, a husband and 2 pets. That was still the norm for women back then so my goal was to find a husband and settle down to have children. I loved children so I wanted a big family. It was 1986 when I had my third and last child. By the time I had 3, I knew the reality of raising them wasn’t easy so 3 was big enough for me then.

She was 21 years old when she entered the porn industry. The level of technology when she was born was the VCR, and video cameras were bulky and heavy to use. They were brand new technology so what you ended up with were mediocre quality video clips. My 3 kids grew up with technology though as the internet moved into our homes as well as our small businesses. I’ve watched firsthand how supposed “cyber freedom” has affected their lives and the choices given them as they’ve grown into the first generation of adults raised on online porn and violent video games.

After my second divorce, I tampered with the whole cyber dating scene, being coached through the process by all the younger people in my life that were doing it. I found it to be full of sexual predators and stalkers. I was almost assaulted on 2 separate occasions by men I met from the dating site “Plenty of Fish”. They were 2 definite sickos I affectionately nicknamed McFreaky and McCreepy. I know a few women who have had extortion attempts from men they’ve met there. To me, it’s just not worth the risk so I don’t consider it a viable option to meet quality people.

Paying a membership fee can help discourage some inexperienced perverts but many predators get outed on the free sites after a while so they have to step it up to others or fly under aliases if they want to continue to find fresh victims. I hadn’t dated since 1980 so I found that technology most definitely put a whole new spin on getting laid or finding a boyfriend and husband!

I was 47 in October of 2007 and working at a prominent investment firm. My daughter called me one day on my work line to tell me she was headed to Ft. Lauderdale for a new job opportunity. The economy was tanking everywhere and her latest paycheck had just bounced, closing her bank account and making bills blow up. She was looking for work and she was a dog groomer. Unfortunately, people don’t spend as much on pets during hard times so in our area, bigger groom shops were laying off people and more and more smaller ones were closing their doors every day.

In fact, the job market had gotten so bad, we had decided to move to Miami where I had an “in” into the financial market there. We had both just ended relationships that went bad (my 2nd divorce, in fact) and had moved back in together, this time as roommates instead of mom and daughter. Many parents and adult children started living together during this time as the real estate market kept sinking and many were facing homelessness due to foreclosures. Even the job I currently had didn’t pay what it used to and I couldn’t support us both. I was lucky to have benefits which took a chunk of what little I did make. Benefits were going away across the country as well, or costing the employees that had them, a lot more as their paychecks were shrinking. America was faced with an economic disaster most of us had never even come close to experiencing before.

We had our new apartment already reserved and were expected to move in 2 weeks. We were only 5 hours from Miami so we had taken a couple of short trips there to make the decision about moving and then to find a place once we decided it was a good choice for us. I already had most of our stuff packed and in temporary storage. We were moving into a small place which was furnished so we didn’t need much. Once we got settled and working, we could get a bigger place and bring over our things. To begin, we got a month to month lease which is easy to find in Florida due to the tourism and snowbirds we have each winter. We had already started over when we moved back in together so this was a job and location change only. Other than a longer drive to see our family, I expected life to go back to normal with the benefit of having Miami to explore and experience and not worrying about running into our exes.

When she started the conversation, I was excited as soon as I heard the word “job”, thinking she was going for an interview. She could start in 2 weeks when we moved so the timing was perfect. It was already afternoon so I questioned why she’d be leaving this late for a job interview. She was hesitant with information telling me we could talk about it when she got back. That answer simply caused me to ask her more questions. She said the people were providing her with a place to stay for the night so she could go to the job the next morning. Slowly the details began to immerge as I asked what kind of job has immediate needs and housing available. It all seemed so urgent like she had to act right now and without thought or preparation.

From there, the situation went downhill fast. She told me she had a modeling job that she had gotten from posting a profile on a popular online modeling site. Of course, this sent alarms going off in my head like sirens blaring in the streets. As I kept pressing her for details, it became very clear to me that she was about to get herself in some real trouble that she would have no idea how to deal with or get out of so I told her she couldn’t leave until I got home. I needed some time to think how to combat this. They were offering her $1000 cash for one days work and she had to act right now to get the job. I told her it sounded like a shady deal and that Miami was an international port. I had watched the Lifetime movies. They trafficked girls into the sex industries and sent them all over the World from there. We argued for several moments longer about the fact that she couldn’t go ANYWHERE until I got home, hanging up only after she reminded me she was 21 years old and could do what she pleased and I reminded her that the car she drove was in my name.

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