Did Hefner Call in Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler to Work His Aleister Crowley Ritual Magick? More Evidence of Satanism in Porn Valley and the Music Industry

Monica Foster May 8, 2012

Monica Foster commentary:  Groupon (a discount/ deal outlet that caters to mainstream society) took it too far in my view when they linked up with Kink.com in my view – that’s a porn studio that doesn’t just produce nasty psychologically damaging and societal altering material...they actually PHYSICALLY HARM the performers via beatings and torture practices.  There’s a bit more to Kink.com however that few know and will acknowledge – some of their staff are open practitioners of Satanism and follow Aleister Crowley.

Look, I think everyone is entitled to believe whatever they want – that’s what God gave us free will for – however when you try to sneak your beliefs and practices into the mainstream without being totally forthcoming in regards to your agenda – that’s where the real problem lies.

It’s not just Kink.com that’s into this Aleister Crowley business…a vast demographic of the pornographic industry AND Hollywood in general is as well. Is Hugh Hefner over at Playboy? I’m not sure, but let me tell you this…

Steven Tyler is set to lead the “Rock n Roll Fantasy Camp” deal offered by Groupon over at the Playboy Mansion (click here for details).  What many don’t know about Steven Tyler is that he’s a practitioner of Aleister Crowleys teachings. In a recent interview he stated the following:

“If early Aerosmith songs like ‘Mama Kin’ make you all tingly (as they should), it may be thanks to the Great Beast himself, Mr. Aleister Crowley. ‘I’ve practiced Crowley Magick so I know it works,’ Tyler writes of channeling the power of the mutual orgasm to achieve wider goals. ‘I’m not saying that every girl I slept with came at the same time or that I asked her to pray for the same thing I was praying for; namely that Aerosmith would become the greatest American band.’”

Is Hefner bringing in Tyler to add a magickal “boost” to his Playboy empire (it’s been having issues lately, hell he had to sell out to porn giant – Manwin) and his endeavor with Groupon? Many spiritualists would say that may be the objective…

It appears to me that whoever run’s Groupon may be followers of Aleister Crowley, and if that’s the case – they are probably affiliated with the Ordo Templi Orientis. Again…everyone is entitled to practice and believe whatever they like – that’s what FREE WILL is all about. Unfortunately though, from my perspective the O.T.O is a coven of hypocrites who attempt to circumvent FREE WILL.

O.T.O. continues to NOT acknowledge who Crowley based all of his teachings on…P.B. Randolph. Randolph acknowledged that the woman (female) energy intertwined with the male via LOVE was the only way to truly accomplish anything in the magickal realm. Crowley had a real issue when it came to women (he was intimidated by them and afraid of them – just as many men are today. His innate need to degrade, objectify and diminish women is what led to the corruption of Randolph’s work). His practices in my view are incomplete, corrupt and VOID. Note how the “leaders” of the business, organizational and religious entities of which the O.T.O. has a presence, are men who would be NOTHING without women (they feed upon them – Hugh Hefner would be NOTHING without the women he regularly disposes of and replaces). It’s time for change…

courtesy CNN.com

Steven Tyler makes first ever visit to Playboy Mansion

(Rolling Stone) – Steven Tyler walked up the driveway to the entrance of the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles like it was a second home.

Surrounded by a large entourage as he was led to the red carpet, Tyler stopped to bare a Cheshire Cat’s grin as he looked at the four lovely Playboy Bunnies waiting to pose for pictures with him. The rock star and the equally iconic home that has hosted thousands of parties seemed made for each other, but this was Tyler’s first visit ever to the Holmby Hills grounds.

How was that possible that in all the years of Aerosmith’s success, the frontman had never been to one of the famous Halloween parties or a Midsummer Night’s Dream? “I was too busy in someone’s bathroom getting high,” Tyler told Rolling Stone. “I was too busy on tour, I was too busy writing songs. We were just busy.”

While he had never been to the house that Hef built, Tyler has crossed paths with the famed Lothario, Hugh Hefner. And Tyler is a big fan.

“I love people that are committed to their crimes of passion and he is the gentleman of all time,” Tyler told us. “He’s been on every man’s mind around the world at least a hundred times in their lifetime for what he did. So he signifies the joys of womanhood and not the degradation . . . and even women love Playboy.”

What finally brought Tyler to the mansion after more than 40 years in the spotlight was Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp, a program that allows people to live out their rock and roll dreams and spend four intense days training with counselors to play with Tyler or other superstars, such as Kiss’ Gene Simmons, who will be the headliner at an upcoming event in Las Vegas from October 10 through 14.

Tyler got involved with the camp last year through Mark Hudson, a counselor in the program who co-wrote Aerosmith’s “Livin’ On The Edge.” “We spoke last year, I was doing a book, and they asked me here and I said I would, and I spoke in front of the whole camp. It’s called just being a mentor, if not to incite a riot,” he says.

Tyler had a challenge for this week’s campers, who joined him on stage at the mansion last night. “I just dared them all to learn an Aerosmith song to see how good they can do it,” he says. “If they do it good, which I’m sure they will, I’m gonna pick the best group of them all, we’re gonna pick straws and the best one out of that gets to ride around in my car and hear the new Aerosmith album.”

When Tyler says, while speaking of the upcoming record, “I’m on fire, as you can tell,” he is not exaggerating. Despite being pulled away by several handlers, he doesn’t want to stop talking about the new music, which is now in the mixing stages. “It’s one of the best Aerosmith albums ever,” he says. “I’m one of the worst judges of my own music because I’m very harsh, highly critical. [But] we waited until we had at least four really good songs that were representative and we got 19.”

See the full story at RollingStone.com.

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