UK: Campaigners Celebrate Cameron’s Web Porn Blocking Move – This is How a Government is Supposed to Do Things. GREAT JOB!!

Campaigners have claimed a victory in their effort to force broadband providers to block pornography websites by default to protect children, after David Cameron pledged to consult on the issue.

A pornography website. Internet porn block plans ‘not feasible’, ISPs tell Government – COMMENT: Of course they would say that. ISPs work hand in hand with the porn industry. They have more sites combined than anyone else in the World. They basically own most of the internet. The only way to get ISPs on board is to regulate them. They don’t want an “OPT IN” choice because they know we will ALL OPT OUT of their sexual depravity and cyber crime.

Continuing the way we all have been is sure destruction. Statistically, that has been proven now! We have governments that can make this happen. I’ve said this before recently. YOU have to set the new standard. America obviously isn’t up for the job these days!!

Only TalkTalk currently offers a network-level pornography filter Photo: GETTY

By Christopher Williams, Technology Correspondent – 1:04PM BST 04 May 2012

Claire Perry, the Conservative backbencher who led a cross-party inquiry that urged the Government to consider an “opt-in” to access adult material, welcomed the move.

“I am delighted that the Prime Minister is once again showing his commitment to protecting our children online,” she said.

“Our report made a number of key recommendations, including asking the Government to lead a formal consultation into opt-in filtering of adult content and the whole team is really pleased that our work has paid off.

“We know that families across Britain will welcome this news.”

The campaigners are opposed by civil liberties groups, who argue that normal websites would be censored by imperfect filtering systems and that parents should take responsibility for protecting their children online.

They said they hoped the new consultation would lead to more choice and control for parents, but stop short of censorship by default.

“We welcome a consultation but default ‘filternets’ are awful,” said Jim Killock of the Open Rights Group, a charity that campaigns against regulation of the internet and invasions of privacy.

“They block a wide range of innocent material; and nobody should be advocating broader and simpler censorship.

“All the independent evidence has pointed to giving parents simple tools and choices. There is no need to create network level censorship in the name of a porn opt-in.”

Mrs Perry’s inquiry reported that children were being damaged by easy access to very explicit material online. Her call last month for a formal consultation on blocking by default has been backed by child protection charities and a national newspaper.

Of the major broadband providers, only TalkTalk currently offers customers the opportunity to block pornography at the network level, prompting claims the industry was “dragging its feet” on the issue. The Telegraph revealed early this year that TalkTalk’s multimillion-pound system failed to cut off one of the largest explicit websites, however.

Nicholas Lansman, secretary general of the Internet Service Providers’ Association, which opposes default blocking, said Mr Cameron’s intervention would provide “some much needed clarity to the debate”.

“It will provide an opportunity to re-focus the argument on protecting children from inappropriate content rather than concentrating solely on default filtering,” he said.

One option understood to be favoured by the Government would be for providers force all customers to make an “active choice” whether or not they wish to be able to access pornography rather than block it by default.

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