Is Porn Valley’s Freedom of Speech Attorney, Marc Randazza, Employing a J. Malcolm DeVoy Who May Be Assisting Cyber Stalkers & Bullies in Defaming Professionals, Bloggers and Activists? Part 1

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Crystal Cox Investigative Blogger – (she doesn’t threaten me with a DCMA if I post her photo like the person in the photo above)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Marc Randazza, an attorney who specializes in freedom of speech law and porn industry law (who has clients such as, BangBrothers, Reality Kings & Above The Law) recently went on mainstream media record stating that he and his family are being harassed and extorted by Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox

Randazza claims that Cox has “attacked” his 3 year old daughter via taking control of her “digital footprint” by registering her name as a .com domain name. It appears however (via my investigation and research into the attacks upon myself, family members and other porn industry acquaintances by individuals both in and attached to the porn industry beginning 2010) that Marc Randazza in fact does employ and work closely with a man by the name of James (Jay) Malcolm DeVoy who appears to regularly communicate with and assist (and who may have been hired or retained by) stalkers and cyber bullies within and attached to the Los Angeles porn industry – who take part in equivalent (and in many cases far worse) activity to Crystal L. Cox .

Is Marc Randazza manipulating the mainstream media by exploiting a “last resort defense tactic” of Crystal Cox (of which she appeared to have acted on post being given notice of Randazza’s deposition request) in effort to draw attention away from other notable issues & details in regards to his motives, interaction and situation with Cox?

Is Marc Randazza’s primary objective in actuality to defame, harass & bully Cox into silence in effort to prohibit her Freedom of Speech?

I personally believe, so – however I ask you the reader to examine the evidence and decide for yourself.

DeVoy advising Whiteacre in regards to
Anti-Porn activist Shelley Lubben

As I stated before, while investigating into who I’ve identified as the sources of my own harassment, stalking, cyberbulling and defamation of which myself and family members have suffered (beginning 2010), I found several public communications on Twitter between my stalkers and someone with the screen name JmDiv

The blog address: was listed on the JmDiv twitter profile so I took a look at it. It didn’t take long for me to realize that this man was employed by Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group.

After a quick skim of the employee (team) roster of I came to learn that JmDiV on twitter is J. (James / Jay) Malcolm DeVoy – an attorney licensed in Nevada and Wisconsin.

I remembered I’d recently read a news story and watched a video on in regards to Marc Randazza and his family allegedly being harassed by a blogger, so initially I found it hard to believe that the Randazza Legal Group would employ someone who appears to be friendly with, of assistance to and who may even possibly have been hired or retained by people well known in the porn industry as harassers and stalkers – one of which being Michael Whiteacre, a man who has been clearly defined as a stalker of Anti-Porn Activist Shelley Lubben by the well respected blogger, speaker and long time porn professional Mike South of

James DeVoy assisting Whiteacre legally on Shelley Lubben

Devoy appears to be very supportive of (and frequently assistance to) Michael Whiteacre (a man who has affiliations with the Free Speech Coalition and the Los Angeles porn industry).  

Whiteacre frequently defames online and has stalked offline Anti Porn Activist Shelley Lubben and her family (of which includes 2 little girls), and has gone as far as to created an unauthorized defamatory & humiliating documentary about her.

Randazza employee J. DeVoy referring to Michael Whiteacre’s
targets as “charlatans”

Whiteacre in the past has repeatedly suggested that I (and his other targets) commit suicide – please click here to read a post I’ve written about this. I personally feel that Whiteacre’s and his associate’s obsessive stalking, harassment, cyber bullying and defamation is specifically intended to coerce their targets into suicide.

Is DeVoy, a Marc Randazza employee, involved in Whiteacre’s actions against his targets? It appears so in my opinion.

DeVoy also seems to be associated with my and my family’s primary stalker Sean Tompkins (TRPWL on twitter) who owns and operate a website which is an offshoot and sort of “clone” to PornWikiLeaks (a project of which released the personal 2257 data of the majority of the active porn industry talent pool along with having harassed, stalked, cyber bullied and defamed many porn performers along with their friends and family who may have had no attachment to the porn industry) .

DeVoy doesn’t only enjoy Whiteacre’s work, he follows my
& my family’s stalker Sean Tompkin’s defamitory blog too.

Sean Tompkins has stated on many occasions on his blogs, website and in interviews that he was instrumental and the forum being taken offline. However there has never been legal closure to the situation. 

Sean Tompkins defaming my sister who has never had even
a remote link to adult entertainment or prostitution. He has
referenced her name on his website along with her photograph.

After the Pornwikileaks forum was taken offline, Sean Tompkins asked on several occasions for me to meet and spend time with him. My refusal of this made him angry, as did my questioning of Tompkin’s financial motive and gain in regards to
the “behind the scenes deals” which led to the Pornwikileaks forum being taken offline. Tompkins on his site began to aggressively slander, defame, stalk, harass, cyberbully and threaten myself and family – in the exact same fashion as those who supposedly ran PornWikileaks.

Furthermore Sean Tompkins went on a crusade claiming that I was a primary poster on the PornWikiLeaks website. He has gone as far as to fabricate supposed posts I made on the site claiming that the listed IP address is the proof. Being that Tompkins supposedly has the IP address of every poster of the site, yet has never come forward with exactly who created the defamatory individual wiki pages and entries of my parents, sister and many others, so that they can take legal action, tell me that Tompkins is hiding something or protecting someone (possibly himself) – which in my view tells me he lacks credibility entirely.

Michael Whiteacre and Sean Tompkins
harassing me directly on twitter.

Tompkins has noted publicly that he wants to sue me, and has inferred that he has an attorney in the Las Vegas area (which ironically is where Randazza and DeVoy are located). Is J. DeVoy his attorney? If so I feel he would have a conflict of interest considering his frequent communications and possibly offline professional relationship and/or friendship with Michael Fattorosi (known as PornLaw on twitter) – who is another porn industry attorney ( and friendly competitor of Marc Randazza.

Michael Fattorosi allegedly advised the man who initiated the PornWikiLeaks project (Donald Carlos Seoane aka Donny Long) and Mike South of has posted emails which were obtained that verify the allegations.

Through alleged “behind the scenes deals” with Donny Long (and/or other operators of the PornWikiLeaks website), Fattorosi supposedly was able to get certain people’s information removed from the forum database. A couple of those people appeared to be pornstar Vanessa Blue & porn director Will Ryder – however there were several others.

Sean Tompkins tweeting constantly in regards to
Monica Foster (me) and calling for my physical harm.

Michael Fattorosi at one point was involved in a company called 2257safe (which later was re-branded 2257snap) of which advertised itself a record keeping service for both large and small porn studios. Through email communication with Fattorosi’s ex partner in the venture (who contacted me in effort to tell his side of the situation) I learned that Fattorosi allegedly left his partner in debt.  Furthermore, though Pornwikileaks was said to have attained the porn performer’s 2257 data and personal info from AIM, it could have partially been from the 2257safe database as well being Fattorosi may have had a copy of the database being that he was partner in the venture.

James DeVoy’s communication, professional relationship with Fattorosi puzzles me, considering the well documented history of Fattorosi’s involvement in the PornWikiLeaks issue of which I’d assume he’d be well aware of being involved in porn industry law. If the majority of DeVoy’s public twitter communications were only prior to June 27, 2011 – I’d say that DeVoy simply wasn’t aware of the situation.  However much of DeVoy’s public communication with Fattorosi is well after that date – which was the date of which made Fattorosi’s alleged advisement of PornWikiLeaks public.

Is James Malcolm Devoy, a porn industry attorney, supportive of a website which released the personal information of thousands of porn performers? Is Devoy supportive of websites which harass, defame, stalk & cyberbully pornstars? Does DeVoy, a Marc Randazza employee, think that endangering the privacy and lives of  people for no justifiable reason, who have no attachment to adult or mainstream entertainment who are not public figures and who have children is OK?

James Malcolm DeVoy tweeting with someone
obviously impersonating me and using a photo
of which I own the rights to.

It appears to be so in my opinion.

At this stage, I feel that the Randazza Legal Group may be directly involved with and partially responsible for much of the suffering I, my family members, Anti-Porn activist Shelley Lubben and even porn industry professionals such as award winning director Nica Noelle (who has been viciously targeted by Whiteacre) have been forced to endure.

Through my email communication with Randazza, he explained that DeVoy’s assistance is just that of a “young kid”.

James Malcolm DeVoy in my view is NOT a “kid” however. DeVoy is a university educated adult who maintains a professional job as an attorney, who in my view should be able to conduct himself professionally, and be well versed as to the very recent porn industry related events (Pornwikileaks had mainstream media coverage) of which Michael Fattorosi, Michael Whiteacre and Sean Tompkins were involved in. I view Marc Randazza’s excuse for Devoy as not only weak, but disrespectful to all who have been unjustifiably targeted by online (or offline) stalking, cyberbullying and harassment.

James DeVoy and Michael Fattorosi communicating
prior to the revelation of  Fattorosi’s alleged involvement

I have to question, being many of DeVoy’s communications appear to be during typical business hours:  Is he being paid by Randazza (or another party) to assist stalkers Whiteacre and Tompkins?  Is there a private business relationship between Fattorosi and the Randazza Legal Group?

Considering that the forum initially was attached to the URL I wouldn’t be surprised. Much of the “philosophy” behind the Pornwikileaks project was that it fell under the legality of “parody” – which is a legal term Randazza is very familiar with being that he worked on the Beck vs. Eiland-Hall case of which the domain was the issue (Randazza represented Eiland and won the case AGAINST Glenn Beck).

Devoy & Fattorosi making plans to meet

Is Marc Randazza a hypocrite? From my perspective, yes. Is Marc Randazza dismissive? In my opinion absolutely. According to his email communications with me, none of the information I presented him with (much of which is a part of this blog posting) is a big deal and he went as far as to call my concerns “silly”.

Is Randazza manipulating the media to gain sympathy to deter attention from other matters, issues and affiliations of which he may not want attention brought to? I think it’s very possible considering the actions of his employee along with his employee’s affiliations.

Marc Randazza did offer to grant me an interview with him, but truthfully, considering that I don’t know nature of his relationships with his employees or with my stalkers, I’m deathly afraid of him. I am deathly afraid to be within physical proximity of all of the individuals I’ve noted James DeVoy communicating with for that matter – Sean Tompkins, Michael Whiteacre and Michael Fattorosi considering the continued harassment and threats on my life I receive from Tompkins and Whiteacre to this day.

Post Fattorosi’s alleged involvement in
PornWikiLeaks being made public, DeVoy
still communicates with Fattorosi. It
appears Randazza does as well considering
the last tweet captured here.

In part 2 of this article of which I will post this weekend, I will explore a bit further into some questionable affiliations of James DeVoy I was able to find which I feel need to be addressed being that he’s an employee of Marc Randazza yet appears to communicate regularly with known stalkers.

I will also present some information in regards to the interaction between Marc Randazza and Crystal L. Cox and explain some connections to the porn industry in regards to the issue Cox was seeking legal representation for.

I feel there is a possible conflict of interest as for Randazza to have represented her, and I believe it may have been detrimental to her case for him to have represented her…please check back this weekend to find out why.

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