AMERICAN IDOL: Are Ratings SOOO Bad, Idol Had to Rent Former Porn Mansion to Get Press and Viewers or Did They Join Porn Valley so Their Casting Calls are on a Couch Now??

EDITORIAL: There used to be a time when Hollywood would’ve done their homework and not let a FAMILY BASED show be linked to the porn industry. To make it even worse, American Idol, thanks to this article, is now linked to and promoting “Swing”, the Playboy show that was filmed there. There’s tons of real estate in Los Angeles. Why would American Idol producers let this happen unless they are in bed with Porn Valley (which means they are using the casting call to recruit girls and guys for “alternative roles”) or their ratings are sooooo low that they needed the boost to their media coverage to help drum up some viewers??

Either way, American Idol is over in my mind. How about yours?? Will you let your children watch this show now that it will be talked about and linked to Playboy, porn and the Swinging Lifestyle on every episode??

‘American Idol’ Mansion Former Orgy Porn Den

The “American Idol” kids are following in the footsteps of orgy-lovin, sex-crazed, swingers — TMZ has learned — because the mansion they just moved in to was previously used for PORN!

Sources tell TMZ, the new digs currently housing the top 9 finalists on ‘Idol’ is the same place Playboy TV shot season 2 of its racy sex show “Swing.”

For those you who haven’t seen it … “Swing” is a show about couples who move into a house with the sole purpose of “living out their erotic curiosities” through swinging … i.e one big fat excuse for banging each other as often as possible.

As for the specs — the former sex den is a 10-bdrm, 16-bath, 16,000 sq. ft swingers dream … now housing the squeaky clean — soon to be Disney World attraction — “Idol” finalists.



Note to the contestants — bleach is your friend.


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