Veteran Porn Agent David Forest Dishes Dirt In Upcoming Doc On Falcon Studios – Is a New Truth Trend Beginning in Porn Valley??

Longtime porn agent David Forest shared some of his long-kept secrets this week to a film crew chronicling the life and legacy of Chuck Holmes, the legendary founder of Falcon Studios. Director Mike Stabile says his chat with Forest was “unexpectedly informative.”

Yeah, no kidding: This guy knows the dirt—he’s represented some of the biggest porn stars of the 1980s and ’90s, including Leo Ford, Billy Brandt, Ken Ryker, Tom Katt and Ryan Idol (who got $40,000 for a two-movie deal thanks to Forest). His anecdotes stretch back more than three decades, to a time before AIDS, when VHS was about to revolutionize the adult-film industry.

Before he got into porn, Forest was a rock promoter—he helped launch the career of his college chum Stevie Nicks and went on to manage James Taylor, Carole King, Van Morrison, Shaun Cassidy and The Carpenters.

Forest got his start in the x-rated biz booking live shows in San Francisco and L.A. in the 1960s and ’70s, but he was happiest getting his clients into X-rated movies in the 1980s. “When he talked about the good old days, he wasn’t talking about all-night parties,” writes Stabile. “He was talking about the money he made for the boys.”

“Now David isn’t exactly Justin Bieber—he’s been arrested twice for pandering… going to jail once in the mid-’90s,” blogs Stabile. “And he’s never been exactly welcome at the studios, who didn’t like him driving up prices for porn performers.” (You might recall Forest made waves a couple of years back when he talked about how much money porn actors could make in a crappy economy if only they’d consider escorting.)

It’s too early to say how much of Forest’s dish will make the final cut. “He gave us plenty of juice” about the A-list porn stars he repped, Stabile says, “as well as his high-profile Hollywood client list. But like good hustlers, we’re holding out on the good stuff for later.”

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