BEGINNINGS OF A NEW “BATTLE OF THE SEXES” – Evidence Shows that America Thinks It’s Okay to Rape Girls and Women – Where Does This Rape Mentality Come From?? PORN VALLEY, of Course!!

EDITORIAL: Now you are really starting to see the extensive damage that’s been caused from letting porn be presented as innocent entertainment. It’s evident everyday in the ways our media, entertainment industries and politicians speak about women. It’s in the ways they portray their true feelings about us, those actions which ALWAYS speak louder than words. I’ve been saying this for 3 years now so I’m happy to see the feminists are finally getting involved in this war.

You see, WE HAVE AN ALL NEW SEXUAL REVOLUTION HAPPENING right now, IN 2012. It’s the men against the women once again. Only problem is . . . . half the women in America have been so brainwashed by media, television, politicians AND even their RELIGIOUS LEADERS that our own gender works against us. But how could ANY woman think that the current RAPE MENTALITY is okay and something they can support?? They have daughters. Do they really think they can protect them while keeping quiet about what’s happening??

You can’t believe the rape statistics. Cops and prosecutors refuse to report many rapes because it’s impossible to win a rape case in today’s hyper sexual environment and social media madness. I mean, how do you say you were raped when you’ve posted nude or semi-nude photos?? It’s the same ole “Watch what you wear or they have an excuse for raping you” mentality!! Most rape experts agree that AT LEAST 50% of sexual assaults and rape go unreported. Stats that we do have can’t be used to say porn has reduced rape because we all can see it hasn’t and this advertisement is further proof of that. Women out there, you better wise up. AMERICAN FEMALES HAVE BECOME EASIER TO RAPE AND SELL THAN FEMALES IN 3RD WORLD COUNTRIES. That’s where we’re at so you better look at which side you’re on in this debate and decide if it’s worth getting raped regularly to hold your current place!!

I, for one, will never touch Belvedere Vodka again. It’s time there’s consequences for these disgusting displays of such disrespect and hatred against women. WOMEN, see it for what it is which is A WHOLE LOT OF MEN OUT THERE WHO HAVE A REAL AND ACTIVE HATRED OF WOMEN and AN INTENSE NEED TO CONTROL AND PUNISH THEM!!

RAPE IS NEVER FUNNY AND HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SEX OR SEXY. If you’re unsure about that, spend a few months working in Porn Valley. Bend over and take it like a Pornstar, Belvedere. You wouldn’t be laughing long then, my friend!!
3/23/2012 @ 2:23PM

Social Media Idiocy Of The Day: Belvedere Vodka’s Rape Joke

Update: The company issued an actual apology late last night; see end of post.

On Friday afternoon, Belvedere Vodka, which has healthy followings on Twitter (10,263 followers) and Facebook (916,970 fans), posted this ad on both of those accounts (via Shani Hilton):

Belvedere’s Failed Rape Joke Ad: Lessons Learned James Poulos James Poulos Contributor

Textual translation: A terrified woman being grabbed by a gleeful man with a catch phrase — “Unlike some people, Belvedere always goes down smoothly” — implying she will be forced to perform oral sex. This obviously sparked outrage.

Judging from Topsy’s record of the posting time, it was taken down from both social media accounts within an hour. Of course deletion on the Internet is near impossible and many people captured screenshots, realizing how outrageous and retractable it was. This frat-boy humor was a terrible judgment call by someone in Belvedere’s marking department given the general unfunniness of rape jokes compounded by the sensitivity around the role alcohol plays in sexual assault.

The deletion of the post from Facebook and Twitter is evidence that Belvedere Vodka realizes that now, but it has not followed up with a tweet or Facebook status update apologizing. (It really should.) Update — Half-hearted apology has been tweeted: “We apologize to any of our fans who were offended by our recent tweet. We continue to be an advocate of safe and responsible drinking.”

“FAIL. Never touching your product ever again,” tweeted one person in response to the pseudo-apology.

In Belvedere’s self description on Twitter, it urges consumers to “Trust Your Instincts.” Unfortunately, the instincts of the marketing person behind this ad were not the ones a company would want from its social media voice to the world. Expect a firing before happy hour.

Another Update: There’s no news of a firing, nor pointing of fingers at Belvedere’s digital ad agency Last Exit Strategies, but Belvedere Vodka did issue an actual apology late Friday night. Here’s a statement they sent me via email:

I am Jason Lundy, SVP of Global Marketing for Belvedere.

Unfortunately a Facebook & Twitter posting was made today that has offended many of our fans and followers — and indeed the people who work here at Belvedere. The post is absolutely inconsistent with our values and beliefs and in addition to removing the offensive post we are committed to making sure that something like this doesn’t happen again. As an expression of our deep disappointment and regret, we are making a charitable donation to a women’s support cause. We deeply apologize to our fans & followers.

A much better apology than the first one. I’m still trying to get details from the company about which women’s group will benefit from this and how it happened in the first place.

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