Is Hollywood Moving into Porn Valley Territory? Doug Christie and Basketball Wife, Jackie, to Produce Porn Vids?? More Like Sold Their Souls to the Devil to Recruit Black Girls to Porn Valley!!

By Madame Noire – 1:40 PM on 03/12/2012

Doug Christie and his wife allegedly producing pornography

Before you throw up, read the whole story. According to Rolling Out, Jackie Christie is about to get into something even messier than the drama on “Basketball Wives”–the Adult Videos industry. She and her husband, Doug, reportedly stopped by the Ricky Smiley morning show yesterday and dropped a bomb on the airwaves: they’re making an adult film.

There is some relief to this news, and that’s the fact that Jackie and Doug won’t actually star in the movie, but they will produce the film–which makes me wonder how one decides to jump into the Adult Videos business after 20 years of marriage. And yes, I say one because this had to be all Jackie’s idea and Doug just tagged along as usual.

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