Top 10 “To Do’s” in 2012 to Fix America – Just Do It!!


1. Of course, Sunny Leone gets top space on this one so she needs to be put somewhere that she can’t get to the girls. Hmmm. NOTE: Find place to put Sunny where girls can still be safe. She was given a chance by Bollywood and India to rise above porn and she threw it away. Porn doesn’t Pay, Sunny. Tell the World the Truth, Sunny. At Least Save the Others if You Won’t Save Yourself!

2. Get Shelley Lubben to stop doing rap. Her heart is in the right place but come on, Girlfriend! Shelley and XXXChurch need to get back to to work in the churches where God gave them the power to work his miracles. God wants a national prayer campaign against porn. Also on God’s wishlist is that every church in America have an anti-porn program on their weekly bulletin. REMINDER: Tell them to make sure the clergymen heed the seperation between church and state during the upcoming elections. He was really pissed last time the republicans stole his pulpits to do their dirty work.

3. Politicians – need I say more. Need to use your business consulting skills to overhaul this whole system. The main problem seems to be white, American men who spend all their time with penises in hand masturbating to porn and diddling mistress and page boys instead of running the country. We have to find a way to stimulate their minds in other creative ways so they put their penises away and get back to work. I mean, look where they’ve taken us!!


5. Get FREE Healthcare for ALL – Let’s face it, giving Americans a healthcare premium when they can’t afford to eat doesn’t really add up. Need to show White House how to do math. Not having healthcare for ALL AMERICANS when our country has such a WEALTH OF SERVICES available is GENOCIDE BY POVERTY and is unacceptable. Need to speak to them about this one so America doesn’t go the same path as other countries using genocide to decide who lives and who dies!!

6. Plan on doing some traveling so you can talk to leaders about the dire situation we are now in. Need to do some extensive training on sex trafficking in America. Remind America that we are the example of Humanity to the World. The UN gave us the responsibility. It’s time to step up and OWN IT!!

7. Talk to the new Attorney General, FBI Director and Head of FCC about taking American families back to family values and a healthy sexual image. Oh, this is after you get the old ones all fired for doing such a piss poor job during their tenure. Show them how creativity and talent instead of young girls bodies can still bring fame and fortune while not sending us all to HELL!

8. UPDATED, Found out Democrats are trying to take US ALL TO HELL so need Republicans and Religious Leaders to get together against PORN. It gonna take us ALL focusing to do GOD’S WORK!!

9. You have to get your passport updated quickly. There’s going to be alot of travel coming up so get your paperwork together NOW.

10. Oh yeah, don’t forget, you have to bring some cash in to pay the bills and eat in the midst. It’s so much easier to do all this other work when that part is taken care of!!


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